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Congratulations to cometman for winning the art action union freedom to create challenge on the redbubble site.

You can view all the entries here

Our New "Challenge!!!

Although the Oxfam Challenge is for painters only, we invite you to use your individual skills and talents in whichever medium you love to explore the same theme.

We want you to not only enter our Challenge here on RedBubble but enter it for
OXFAM... the details are below... when you make it... submit it here, there and everywhere...

Oxfam “Canvas for Change” (courtesay of Venus╬Ę on Heroine)

Oxfam is currently taking entries for the Canvas for Change exhibition. We encourage you to submit an artwork and to tell others about this project. There are various entry categories with the possibility for your artwork to be shown at the UN Climate Summit in Poland later this year, to be shown in other local exhibitions in Australia, or to be reproduced as a poster, postcard or other campaigning materials to help others See the bigger picture.

There are a couple of entry criteria, the key one being that artworks need to show the climate change impacts being felt by vulnerable communities in developing countries, or alternatively show how these communities are taking action to adapt to these impacts.

find out more

Australian Student Environmental Network and YOUR ART!!! (courtesay of Erland Howland)

The Australian Student Environment Network are a group of students and their sympathisers who are dedicated to providing education for the facilitation of activist workshops, meetings and action groups. They provide tools and lists of information to help people become skilled in activism and lobbying.

AAU member Erland, posted this last week... evidently, he is a sympathiser such as I (i.e. not actually a student).

The Australian Student Environment Network a great crew of environmental advocates from universities and schools across Australia are holding an art auction fundraiser on October 17 and they are looking for donations.

If you can provide an artwork, please contact me by BubbleMail or via my contact form here.

ASEN do a whole bunch of great work, from putting on the Students of Sustainability Conference each year (which is actually the largest annual environmental conference in Australia!), training high school kids and university students in climate change, facilitation and activism, and working with local indigenous people on campaigns like Uranium mining in the NT and the poisonous gold mining at Lake Cowal.

Next Facebook Art For Awareness Application Submissions

I am planning another adventure in the world of facebook virtual gifting for awareness, I assure you it's all for the messages...

This one will be themed for the ENVIRONMENT... so I will only be accepting images based on this theme. Submissions can be as simple or as complex as you like but must address the theme...

Please send ALL submissions to

Our current Art For Awareness application stats to date are...

Monthly Active Users
About Page Fans
Total Users

I wrote up some stats in the last mail if you are interested in comparing here.

Trees Are Homes has been sent 713 times which was great exposure and seeing some of the comments on the site has been invaluably amusing!

This is one way to send the ideas out further... trying to find others...

Video that's easy - for awareness if you like

One thing that I did find that has been fun is the powers of ... you can make a FREE 30 sec movie with no more than a few stills and a YouTube account...

I made one and added it to my YouTube Channel and the art action union community site and it was great fun... i uploaded a couple of photos, added a title and chose a piece of free music from their libray... the site then proceeded to mash it all together through some filters and the result was ACTIVE ART.

Enthused so much by it, I am now looking at making vids on and of my own... inspiring!

Aspire to Inspire!...


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