Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Network is Growing

Hello creative pro-activists!

Another update!

Our Network Is Growing Bigger!!!

You are all contributing to global positivity and awareness in so many beautiful and creative ways... so, in order to serve you better, myself and some other key investors are working very hard to provide you with a higher pedestal and a bigger soapbox. So keep making great art, tshirts and whatever it takes to move us to a conscientious world.

Some stats, 'cause they are always a really good visual pleaser!

The Art Action Union Network...

Redbubble Art Action Group the group that just constantly make stuff
377 members

Facebook Art Action Awareness Group the group that brings new recruits and promotes our activities
91 members

Facebook Art For Awareness Gift Application a little program where you can send artistic gifts from artists who receive exposure along with the messages
363 total users (current people with the application installed on their pages)
4800 sent items
198 monthly active users
15 about page fans (including 2 reviews)

Art Action Union Community where we have convergence
59 members
441 images
25 videos
20 audios
(songs and spoken word)
25 active forums
12 groups

... and counting!

We are also spreading our wings wherever it be relevant with memberships to activist groups, art groups etc. I list forums in the weirdest of places... hee he...

This is always expanding...

In the beautiful future, we will have everything of our own... the site is being expanded in concept and soon we hope to have a hugely integrated dedicated and independent site... ideas that we float around are community functions, a gallery for images/sound/video, forums, and a wiki contribution for articles and education.

A massive artistic web collaboration for action... lovin' it!

Other stuff...


AAU Beach Clean in Sopporo, Japan

Over the weekend just past, the Art Action Union was involved in it's first environmental event to date... a beach cleanup in Sopporo Japan, organised by my friend and intellectual investor Barry (you can see his amazing photography at

As soon as I hear what went on and see some photos, I'll let you know of it's success...

Exhibition Opportunities of the Future

I hope to add to the plethora of services that the AAU offer their artists and supporters in the future by forging links with other organisations and the business sector... one such hope was floated on Friday when I met with a group who wanted to discuss with me the prospect of the Art Action Union assisting them with sourcing artists from the Asia Pacific region for exhibitions and artist talks at key business convergence events to aid in the understanding of the arts culture and business integration of this region... if you have heritage of the Asia Pacific (or are heavily influenced by it in your art) and may be interested, I have no time frame, but would love to add you to my database ( talent scout I am now!!!


This will hopefully go out through the email this week or so, but there is still time to add yourself to our mailing list... send me a request to subscribe at

happy days...



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